A list of resources for creating alternative controllers, playful installations and physical-digital hybrids

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Are you interested in games that let us play differently? Have you found some intriguing project on Shake That Button and would like to find some extra information to help you start to make your own thing? This community-curated list of resources is here to support you: it is focused on tools, materials, and things that you can use to craft alternative controllers.

If you’d like to join in curating this list, please check the contributing section. Suggestions, revisions, and ideas are always welcome!

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Feel free to browse for topics that pick your interest! You can also search the page (Ctrl-F or Cmd-F or F3) for a keyword or phrase (for example, “cardboard”, “OSC”, “mouse”, “Arduino”).



Last updated on 2022-11-14.

Alternative controller tools

Some tools are a bit of an amalgam, and cannot really fit into some of the other categories, as they integrate both crafting, software and making-ofs.




Game Engine Plugins and Tools

If you are making a game using some specific game engines, you might be able to use some of the resources below to connect your alternative controller to the game engine software.


Here you can find general use applications and standalone software that can be useful we making, testing or planning your alternative controller project.


These are packages, libraries, and APIs for a variety of software creation environments.

Open Projects and ‘Making Of’s

Sometimes it can be helpful to access and explore the source code, diagrams, documents, and processes of different projects. This topic is a list of making of articles, as well as free and open-source alternative controllers.



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Our goal is to slowly grow this list so it can help more folks. You are welcome to contribute with tools and resources! We aim to be informative and support people in diverse situations, and we prioritize affordable and approachable resources.

To help with that, we ask contributors to provide each resource with a short description, information about price and / or license and credits (with a link) to the resource creators. If you want to add a resource to a specific topic or even propose a new topic altogether, that is great too. If you contribute, we will add your name (or nickname) and optionally a link to the contributors list by default, but you can opt-out too. Just mention that in your contribution.

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